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CUPRA Experience.

CUPRA celebrates its 3rd anniversary.

Join in on the celebration and see what 2021 has in store for CUPRA, this February 22nd live on the CUPRA Official YouTube channel. 

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A contemporary experience

Barça players customise their CUPRAs.

At a recent unique CUPRA event, twenty FC Barcelona players became part of the CUPRA World by creating their ideal cars.

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CUPRA x Ansu Fati

Message of optimism for 2021.

CUPRA is starting the new year with a message of optimism alongside a young star.

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The CUPRA e-Garage

A unique virtual platform.

CUPRA is strengthening its digital strategy by opening “the CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor”.

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CUPRA in the world of padel

CUPRA Formentor: official car of the World Padel Tour.

Sharing values of passion, determination and sportiness makes the Formentor the perfect candidate to be named official car of the sport.

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CUPRA and FC Barcelona

Joining forces.

CUPRA stand in solidarity alongside FC Barcelona in the fight against COVID-19.

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CUPRA. A tale of aspiration.

A story about the people who create a world around performance – and invite you to it.

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Let’s win this match together.

CUPRA is helping to bring the support of FC Barcelona’s fans back to the Camp Nou as the next few matches will be played behind closed doors.

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New global ambassador.

CUPRA has added a new member to its tribe, Marc ter Stegen, one of the world’s best goalkeepers.

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CUPRAxFC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Partnership.

CUPRA and the football club form a unique alliance to promote talent and innovation.

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Redefining a sport.

Some say rules are meant to be bent or broken. We say rules are here to be redefined. That’s why we’re opening the door to new possibilities in the unique world of padel.

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Brand ambassadors

A passion for padel.

Our passion takes us from the race track to the padel court.

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CUPRA Experience

Plus qu’une simple marque automobile.

Rouler en CUPRA est une expérience au superlatif. En posséder une aussi. Achetez et faites réparer votre CUPRA auprès d'un réseau de partenaires SEAT mondial. De plus, les revendeurs CUPRA vous réservent un traitement et des services spécialisés.

CUPRA Specialists

Redefining customer service.

We’ve strategically designated some of our dealers as CUPRA Specialists. It is where you can meet the CUPRA experts trained to offer you superior assistance and discover the CUPRA Corner, a space that brings out the essence of CUPRA.

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CUPRA Community

You are one of us.

Join our community of individuals brought together by the same passions in life. Expect exclusive experiences like test drives, lifestyle events, track days and much more.

La passion partagée, c'est deux fois plus de passion.

Lorsque j'avais 15 ans, je pouvais aller sans cesse chez mon disquaire local. Un jour, ce gars qui travaillait...

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